Pug Facts You Might Like to Know

Published: 17th July 2008
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Pug facts that are pretty interesting:

Pugs are ranked #14 in the AKC Dog Breeds 2001 Top 50 (ranking based on the number of dogs that were registered by the AKC in 2000). An increasing number of people recognize and appreciate the pug's clownish and loving character.

The Pug fits in nicely with young families if the small kids are well informed about handling small dogs. The Pug makes a good companion to the elderly and is sufficiently active enough for the young adult as well.

Pugs were bred simply for the pleasure they brought as lap dogs. Pugs love a good meal and a soft lap. If you are looking for a couch-potato type dog, then a male would normally be better suited, although both genders are pretty laid back as older dogs. Females, on the other hand, make better alert dogs and are sometimes more aloof and independent. These are generalities, of course. There are some males who are independent and some females who are more people oriented - but for the most part the characterizations are true.

Fawn colored Pugs have black markings around their ears and covering their faces. Because the black is so prevalent on the face, it's referred to as a mask. They use a mix of facial expression and their own personality to great advantage. Fawn Pugs, which have both an undercoat and an overcoat, are the most notorious for shedding. The tail is carried tightly curved over the body.

Black Pugs also definitely shed. Black Pugs must be pure black with no white markings. The tail curls tightly over the hip, ideally with a double curl.

Black Pugs are known to exist as early as the 1700s thanks to William Hogarth's painting of one in House of Cards (1730). The artist was a proud owner of pugs and depicted many in his paintings so that there is an excellent visual record of the Pug's appearance dating back 250 years. Black Pugs are solid-colored dogs, but they carry SS, which is the white gene. The B gene produces the black coat color. Black Pugs were imported from China and exhibited for the first time in England in 1886.

Pugs have special needs during the warmer months of the year. During these periods with higher temperatures you need air conditioning. Dogs cool off by panting and their long tongues and noses give them more cooling area. Pugs have virtually no cooling area for their bodies, so they can (and will) literally over heat and die in less than 30 minutes outdoors in high heat and/or humidity.

Pugs have some special grooming needs particular to their breed. Because of their natural curiosity, they sniff and taste everything that is new to them. Because of this they tend to get dirt in the wrinkles on their faces. This must be cleaned regularly to avoid sores or infections. You should trim your Pug's nails frequently. Pug health depends on the trimming since nails that are too long can become caught in blankets or other things. Since shedding is such a problem, regular brushing can be helpful. There are tools that can be purchased especially designed to remove the loose hair from the undercoat. Petco has a couple of varieties that I know of.

A name for a new Pug puppy should be fun for you choose, not a chore. There are many strategies you can use to think up clever dog names. Molly seems to be the common top female Pug name in the USA. Max is perhaps the most popular boy Pug name going, and the meaning is probably why most people choose it. It literally means "the greatest". Max has been top of the list of Pug names since the 1990s and seems to have a global appeal.

Usually, it's best to get to know your puppy for a few days before sticking it with a name that doesn't fit. Often your puppy's personality will help you decide on just the right name to for it.

Here is a website I have found to help with naming your Pug:


Love, care, and proper healthcare and grooming are essential for a happy life-long companion. Pugs are not only wonderful companions, anxious to receive approval, attention, and love, but they give back more than they receive.

These are just a few of the interesting facts about Pugs. There are numerous books available on this subject, and dogs in general. Some web sites you can visit for more information:


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